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APL 215

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This is a fantasy mixed match. > It features Nadege, attired in a sexy see-through cat suit and wearing absolutely nothing underneath, and a masked male intruder who has crept into her apartment with the intention of assaulting Nadege. Though the male intruder is much bigger than her, Nadege refuses to be intimidated. Instead of fleeing in terror as most women would, Nadege fearlessly stands her ground, determined not only to defend herself, but to teach her uninvited guest a lesson he'll never forget. Drawing on her well-honed wrestling skills, Nadege punishes the intruder with a variety of painful holds including headscissors, bodyscissors, grapevines, breast smothers, slaps, punches, etc. The male interloper certainly never expected to run into such a tigress and soon finds himself completely overwhelmed by the furious attacks of his intended victim. After giving him a brutal (and well-deserved!) beating, Nadege applies an inescapable headscissors, mercilessly increasing the pressure until her masked adversary passes-out. Then, while the intruder lies prostrate on the floor, Nadege phones the police to report the incident. An enjoyable fantasy mixed match that will appeal to those who like to see a skilled, experienced female fighter dominate a much bigger male opponent.

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